Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is a web service offered by Amazon Web Services, that provides scalable and highly flexible cloud storage through web services interfaces.

API version

The S3 connector uses Amazon S3 REST API, version 2006-03-01.

How to connect to Amazon S3 on Workato

The S3 connector uses the AWS Signature Version 4 to authenticate to Amazon S3.

Roles and permissions required to connect

To enable programmatic access to S3 via Workato, the authenticated user needs to have an access key (an access key ID and a secret access key) in S3. Best practices for creating an integration user with the correct set of permissions can be found in the Amazon documentation on creating an IAM user.

Working with the S3 connector

S3 Terminology

The terminology for common S3 data can be found below.

  • Buckets

Buckets are containers that hold objects. The geographical region where this bucket and its contents will be stored can be defined by the user.

  • Objects

An object consists of a file, and optionally any metadata describing that file.

Using the new file trigger

The new file trigger listens to new files uploaded into a specific S3 bucket. The trigger event contains only metadata about the file, however, such as file name and size. To retreieve content of the file, use the Download file action.


Exact, case sensitive names

When defining bucket and object by names in S3, take note that names should be exact and are case sensitive.

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