Developing connectors

Workato supports over 200 out-of-the-box connectors. If you run into scenarios where you require an unsupported connector to an app, or you need to work with a custom app, Workato supports several avenues to address this:

  1. Database connector Workato supports out of the box connectivity to several on-prem and cloud databases. If you can get access to the database used by the app, you can then use this connector to exchange data.

  2. File connector Many apps support CSV import/export. You can use Workato's file connectivity solutions (including on-prem file connector) to work with files.

  3. HTTP connector The HTTP connector allows you to work with any API that supports HTTP connectivity. The HTTP connector works with a variety of auth models, content types, and HTTP methods.

  4. Connector SDK This is a developer platform that allows any developer to build a connector to SDK. This is the same platform that Workato uses to develop connectors as well. You can build 'private' connectors (available to you and whomever you decide to share connector with) and 'public' connectors (available to all Workato users)

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