Secure Connection

HTTP requests made in a custom adapter will be sent from Workato by default. This means that all traffic will come through our IP addresses. However, you can also configure it to route all requests through an on-prem agent.

Enable connection through on-prem agent

By default, a custom adapter does not provide an option to connect through an on-prem agent. As a result, when setting up a connection, there will not be a way to configure it.

Connection without option to use OPA Connection without option to use OPA

To enable the option for connecting through an OPA, all you have to do is add the secure_tunnel property in your custom adapter code. This should be set to true and be defined as a top level property.

  title: "Mandrill",

  secure_tunnel: true,

  connection: {
    fields: [
        name: 'api_key',
        label: 'API key',
        control_type: 'password',
        optional: false

With this property added, an input field will be visible when setting up a connection to choose an existing on-prem agent in your account.

Connection with option to use OPA Connection with option to use OPA

Learn how to setup an on-prem agent here.

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