Workato's Utilities connector is useful for performing all sorts of tasks Here are the list of actions you can perform using.

  1. Create list

  2. Download file from URL

  3. Generate column chart

  4. Generate pie chart

  5. Link two objects

  6. Get linked object

Create list

In workato, to use the repeat action requires a List item to be present. However there may be some instances where you may want to repeat an action a specific number of times. To do so, you can use the Create list action to create a list with a predetermined size (up to 500) to use the repeat action.

First, create the create list action, and determine the size you want to use. Next, you can create a repeat action any time after the Create list action. Then, use the list pill from the create list step's output in the Input list field. Once you have configured your recipe, it will repeat the set of actions the same number of times as the size of the list.

Download file from URL

Downloading a file in a recipe allows you to use that file later in the recipe, usually to upload onto another app. However, downloaded text content can be used directly into the recipe. Downloading a file does not mean that you will see that file on your computer. It is merely download for use in a recipe. Take note the maximum file size you can download is 25MB.

In the Download file from URL section, you can provide a static URL if you intend to upload the same file to multiple places, (e.g. as an attachment to all Accounts in Salesforce) or provide a dynamic URL by using a URL pill obtained from a previous step output. You may also choose if you want your download file content to be encoded using base64.

Generate column chart

Using this action allows you to use data from two columns in a list to create a column chart to help visualize and analyze data better. Select a list from your recipe's app data, followed by 2 columns from the list. The X-axis should contain the independant value, while the Y axis contains the dependant value.


Generate pie chart

Using this action allows you to use data from two columns (name and values) in a list to create a pie chart to help visualize and analyze data better.


Linking two objects allows you to associate one object to another, and allows you to cme back to this connection in another recipe. Some simple coonnections includes a Salesforce account ID with a Zendesk ticket ID, for easy tracking.


To come back to this connection in another recipe, use the Get linked object action under Utilities, select the object which exists in some part of the new recipe, and select which linked object you need.


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