Run On-premises Agent

Linux 64-bit and Mac OS X

If your on-premises agent is installed in a Linux or Mac OS, run the on-premises agent using the following bash script:

sh <INSTALL_HOME>/bin/

If you are accessing the server through SSH and want to let the agent run in the background independent of your shell session, you can add the nohup command (&) at the end. You can also include a > file_name command to ensure that the outputs are logged.

sh <INSTALL_HOME>/bin/ > opa_output.txt &

Level of details of the OPA logs depend on your configuration. Learn more.

Windows 64-bit

For on-premises agents installed in Windows, run the agent as a Windows console application or as a Windows Service.

Run the on-premises agent in console mode by launching WorkatoRun Agent (console) in the Start Menu.

Alternatively, you can use the Run Agent (console) shortcut to ensure the agent is successfully connecting to Workato using the provided certificate.

Using Windows Service

The installer automatically registers the agent as a Windows service called WorkatoAgent. However, the agent does not started automatically. Nagivate to the service configuration (Control Panel → System and Security → Administrative Tools → Services → WorkatoAgent) to configure service auto-start.

Browsing log files

When the on-premises agent is running as a Windows service, log files can be found at: %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\LogFiles\Workato. There's also a shortcut to the Workato log directory in the Workato group found in the Start Menu.

Level of details of the OPA logs depend on your configuration. Learn more.

Confirming your on-premises agent is running and connected

To check if your on-premises agent is running and connected, head back to the on-premises agent page. Alternatively, you can find it in the top navigation bar under Tools > On-prem agent.

On-premises option Navigating to the on-premises agent page

If successful, you should see the following in the agent you have just created.

Confirmation of on-premises agent on-premises agent page when connected and running

Your on-premises agent's status in the top left should be labelled green and Active

After you've configured and secured a connection to Workato using your on-premises agent, its time to finally set up connections to your recipes in Workato.

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