Product notifications

To communicate product-level information to our users, we make them available on three main sites:

We recommend that users subscribe to these pages to receive timely updates on the changes and enhancements that happen with our product. Read on for details on the information available on these pages.

Status page

The Status page posts important information related to website & server updates.

The following are classified as website/server updates:

  • Website uptime & downtime
  • Status of recipe job processing
  • Status of on-premise connectivity
  • Status of webhook ingestion
  • Past incidents that affect recipe performance

All information related to these issues are posted on

We recommend that users subscribe to the status page to receive updates. Click on the 'Subscribe to updates' button on the top right of the page and enter an email address to do so. Subscribe to updates on

Error notification emails

Workato will send out emails to specified users when errors occur in recipes.

Read the documentation on error notification emails for more information on the types of errors and their different emails, the notification policy and configuring contact emails.

Major notification emails

Major notification emails are sent out when users are required to take action with regards to their recipes or note an important change that affects recipe performance.

The following are classified as major changes:

  • Potential recipe-breaking change
  • Changes to security/legal terms
  • Actions/applications that will be removed/deprecated and no longer grandfathered
  • Changes that require you, the user to make edits to their recipes to make sure they continue running
  • Planned downtime (maintenance etc.)

These changes may affect recipe performance and are thus categorised as major changes. At Workato, we try to keep these changes to a minimum to ensure that recipes do not need to be edited unless absolutely necessary.

Information about these changes will be sent to your Workato email at least 30 days in advance. Reminder emails will then be sent 14 days and 7 days prior to the change. One final email will be sent once the change is live on our site. The emails will be sent to the addresses provided in the error notifications settings tab.

Please keep a lookout for these emails and follow the instructions as stated.

Product updates page & Product blog

The Product updates page and the Product blog highlight enhancements and fixes that are live on the site. The updates page provides an overview of the changes bi-weekly while highlights and monthly updates are written in more detail on the blog.

The following are classified as product enhancements/fixes:

  • Connector enhancements
  • Bug fixes
  • New platform features
  • New connectors
  • UI changes

If any of these changes were brought to our attention by you through any of our support channels, rest assured that the customer success team will reach out to you directly to inform you of the changes. These changes do not affect existing usability and are completely backward compatible. This means users are not required to take any action.

We recommend that users subscribe to the blog by entering their email address in the 'Get the Latest Product Updates' dialog box on the right as shown below. Subscribe to updates on

Having trouble receiving emails?

Please try the following steps:

  1. Check that the provided email address in the error notifications settings tab or the accounts tab in your account settings is correct.
  2. Check junk/spam folders and filters
  3. Add the domain to a list of 'safe senders' or whitelisted domains
  4. Check the email forwarding setting and change it to 'Do not forward'
  5. Check for a virus scanner or any 3rd party anti-spam tools that are blocking these emails

If performing the above steps still do not resolve the issue, please file a ticket so our team can look into it.

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