Data retention

Enterprises want to be empowered to control the destiny of their data. The data retention setting supporting as low as one hour does just that. You have more control over your data making it easy to have robust data protection operations. With data protection standards, such as GDPR, and the sheer mass of data that companies collect and accumulate, the protection and control of information have become increasingly important.


  • Customers can customize their data retention period to fit their compliance policies
  • Data retention periods can be set in hours or days
  • The retention periods will vary by plan

Data retention policy differs depending on the Workato plan you're on. Check the Pricing and Plans page or reach out to Workato sales representatives at +1 (844) 469-6752 to find out more.


Customer administrator or account owner can navigate to Account Settings > Data retention to configure data retention.

  • Select data retention period unit, one of Hours or Days

Data retention period unit Setting to select data retention period unit in hours or days

  • Specify number of hours or days depending on the data retention period unit selected

Data retention period Enter data retention period based on unit selected


Are there special provisioning or user actions required to access this feature?

Existing data retention setting does not change. Availability of data retention setting is based on the Workato plan you have signed up for.

Does the max data retention settings change?

No, plan based max retention setting does not change. For example, if customer is on business plan then they will get max retention setting of 180 days. See Data retention policy for more details.

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