IP whitelists

IP whitelisting allows you to ensure traffic to/from Workato is not hijacked by a malicious website.

Traffic from Workato

All traffic from Workato comes through the following IP addresses:


You can add these IP addresses to your application/firewall whitelist. Add all three IP addresses to the whitelist to ensure continuous access.

Example whitelist configuration

If you have a recipe that accesses a MySQL server running on an Amazon EC2 machine, with a special user called integrationuser, you can run the following SQL command on your database to whitelist the Workato IP addresses.

TO 'integrationuser'@'',

Traffic from on-premise agent

Workato's on-premise agent provides a secure way for Workato to selectively access customer-authorized on-prem apps, databases and folders without having to open inbound ‘ports’ in the corporate firewall. The on-premise agent makes an outbound connection to Workato via an on-premise gateway.

If your organization has strict outbound traffic rules, you should whitelist the on-premise gateway IP address:

  • (Deprecated on 28 March 2018)

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