All API endpoints listed here requires oem_vendor privilege. Talk to your Workato representative to enable this privilege in your account.

List Connector Metadata

Returns a list of connectors and associated metadata specified in the API request.

GET /api/integrations

Request body

Name Type Description
applications string
Comma separated connector identifiers.

Sample request

curl  -X GET \
      -H 'x-user-email: <email>' \
      -H 'x-user-token: <token>' \
      -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      -d '{
            "applications": "salesforce,service_now"


    "name": "salesforce",
    "title": "Salesforce",
    "image_url": "",
    "mobile_image_url": "",
    "requires_connection": true,
    "mobile_search": false
    "name": "service_now",
    "title": "Service Now",
    "image_url": "",
    "mobile_image_url": "",
    "requires_connection": true,
    "mobile_search": true

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