# Accelerator: Approval bot for Slack/Microsoft Teams

Approval bot diagram

What is it?
Sends approval requests from multiple different applications to a centralized messaging platform for processing.
Why is it valuable?
Reduces the effort of logging into multiple applications to process app approval requests.
Who should use it?
Any organization that seeks to increase organizational efficiency by optimizing the app approval process.

Today's managers are bombarded with emails and notifications of approval requests from a multitude of applications, many of which have their own approval workflows. This leads to challenges in accessing, locating, and approving these requests.

The Approval bot accelerator reduces the effort of logging into multiple applications to approve or deny approval requests. It also reduces development resources required to create Slack or Microsoft Teams actions and Workato recipes to route approval requests from multiple applications. This enables your team to focus on building basic business logic.

The Approval Bot accelerator provides your team with pre-built Slack or Microsoft Teams bots. These bots automatically consolidate approval requests from different applications in a centralized messaging platform of your choice (Slack or Microsoft Teams). Here, the approvers you designate process requests.

We designed this accelerator to have out-of-the-box capabilities to work with a workflow triggered from a new or updated row in Google sheets. You can customize the recipe trigger by supplementing an app of your choice to suit your approval workflow.

The Approval bot has a flexible framework, enabling you to customize which applications to include in approval requests.

# Benefits

  • Reduce manual time spent logging into multiple applications to process approval requests.
  • Approval orchestration is agnostic, enabling it to integrate seamlessly with any existing organizational structure/hierarchy.
  • A flexible framework allows users to add their own "intelligence" to the approval workflow.

# Capabilities

  • Synchronize approval requests from different applications in a centralized platform.
  • Real-time/ near real-time delivery of approval requests to designated approvers.
  • Send reminders for pending approvals on a scheduled basis.
  • Integrate approval workflows with Slack and Microsoft Teams to ensure notifications and actions occur in a timely manner.

# Features of the Approval bot accelerator

Pre-built approval workflows
to seamlessly integrate with Slack or Microsoft Teams and rapidly connect to any application that supports integration approvals.
Customizable notifications and alerts
to message the people you designate in the appropriate channels.
Extensive connectivity
with out-of-the-box support for thousands of applications and the ability to create custom connectors leveraging the Workato SDK.

Last updated: 2/22/2024, 11:17:11 PM