# Asana connector - Get project detail by ID action

This action allows you to get project details by ID in Asana.

# Input

Field Description
Project ID
The project ID. It can be found in URL of the projects page.

# Output

Field Description
Project name The project name.
Project ID The project ID.
Owner The person who is the owner of the project.
Current status The current status of the project.
Due date The due date of the project.
Due on The date when the project is due.
Due at The date and time when the project is due.
Start on The start date of the project.
Created at The date and time when the record was created.
Modified at The date when the project was last modified.
Archived Whether the project has been archived.
Public True if the project is public to the organization.
Members The people who are members in this project.
Followers The people that follow the project.
Color The color assigned to the project.
Description Detailed description about the project
Workspace The workspace that the project belongs to.

Last updated: 2/2/2024, 8:05:18 PM

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