# Asana connector - Update task

This action allows you to update a task in Asana.

# Input

Field Description
Sample workspace Custom fields defined in your Asana workspace or project. These are listed automatically after you select the workspace or project URL.
Task ID
The task ID. You can find the task ID at the end of URL of the task page.
Assignee The people that are assigned to this task.
Assignee status The status of the people assigned.
Completed Whether the task is completed.
Due on The date when the task is due.
Due at The date and time when the task is due.
Heart this Whether to add a heart to this task.
Task name The name of the task.
Description The description of the task.
Start on Schedule a start date. If this value is provided, either "Due on" or "Due at" field should be specified
Like this Whether to add a like to this task.

# Output

There is no output for this action.

Last updated: 2/2/2024, 8:05:18 PM

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