# Excel - Get cells action

This action gets a range of cell values in your Excel spreadsheet.

The maximum file size supported is 50MB.

Get cells action Get cells action

# Input fields

Input field Description
File source File source of the spreadsheet, either from OneDrive or Sharepoint document library
Only if file source is Sharepoint
The Sharepoint site that spreadsheet belongs in.
Folder The spreadsheet's folder within the selected file source. Either select from the generated picklist or provide the drive and folder ID manually.
File name File name of the spreadsheet to read from.
Worksheet The worksheet to read from within the spreadsheet. Provide either the worksheet name or the sheet position.
Range The range address of the worksheet to retrieve cells from, either with cell notation, e.g. B5:C20, or with a named range (opens new window)
Range contains header line? Set to Yes if the range address contains a header line in the first row that should not be returned as an output row.
Columns The column names for this range of cells. These are used to generate the datapills in this action's output. It does not to match the column names in your worksheet.

# Output fields

Output field Description
Rows An array of rows of the cells extracted. The datapills within the row is determined the Columns input.

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