Google Drive action - Rename/move file or folder

This action renames or moves a file/folder in Google Drive.

Input fields

Field name Description
File or folder ID Can be found in the output of other Google Drive trigger/actions.

Alternatively, click on the required folder and the folder ID can be found at the end of URL. For file ID, right click on the file and select Get shareable link. The sharable link looks like this: ; then the file ID is 1y1nxL1248oiyR2IjW_Rq84d3qEPYRoqh.

Output fields

Note that in Google Drive API, the terms folder and file are used interchangeably. A folder is technically a special file. So whenever the field name or field description mentions file, it also applies to folder.

Field name Description
Kind Identifies what kind of resource this is. E.g. is this a file or folder.
Name The name of the file/folder.
File ID The ID of the file/folder.
Mime type The mime type of the file/folder, as stated in Google documentation.
Parents The list of the parent folders which contain the file/folder.
- ID The ID of this parent folder.
- List size The number of parent folders in this list.

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