Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a powerful cloud application that enables real-time team collaboration on spreadsheets, available on any device.

Workato enables you to write data to a Google spreadsheet automatically as part of a workflow, e.g. leads filling out a form will be moved to a spreadsheet. You can also read rows of data from Google spreadsheets and move it to another app, e.g. moving respondents who had filled out a Google Form from Google Sheets into a marketing campaign app, or into a CRM.

API version

Workato's Google Sheets connector currently uses both Google Sheets API v4 and API v3

How to connect to Google Sheets on Workato

Connecting to Google Sheets connector is as simple as signing in to the Google account.

Click on Link your account: Setup step 1

Sign in with your Google account. Your Google account should have Edit permission to all spreadsheets that you will use in Workato. Setup step 2

And you are good to go: Setup step 3

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