Google Speech-to-text action - Convert short speech to text

This action allows you to convert a short audio file (less than 1 minute) into a text transcript.

Input fields

Field name Description
Audio content Accepts a content datapill, or audio content as a string. Workato will automatically convert the provided audio content into base-64 format.
Language The language code of the audio file, as listed here.
Encoding Encoding of the audio file. Note that Google has not supported MP3 input yet. MP3 file must be converted to one of these supported encodings before inputing into this action.
Sample rate in Hertz Sample rate of the audio file. Valid value range is 8000-48000. Usual optimal rate is 16,000, but varies across encodings and settings. Please refer to Google documentation to figure out the best sample rate.
Enable word time offsets If true, the output includes a list of words, the start and end time offsets (timestamps) for those words.

Output fields

Field name Description
Transcript The extracted text transcript from the audio.
Confidence score The confidence level for the entire transcription, with 0.0 as the lowest and 1.0 as the highest.
Words List of words extracted from the audio. This list contains the output fields below.
- Start time Time when the word appears in the audio.
- End time Time when the word ends in the audio.
- Word The extracted word.

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