# NetSuite Action - Search standard objects

The search standard objects action returns a list of records that match the search criteria. If there are no matching records, the action returns an empty array.

Unsupported records

Certain records are not supported in the action because of API limitations.

# Configure the search objects action


To search standard objects, specify in the recipe the category of the object, and the object itself.

The following displays an unconfigured search standard object action.

Unconfigured NetSuite search action Unconfigured search standard object action. Select the category and specific object to search.


Regardless of category, you can search for any standard objects either by its internal ID or its external ID.

Because IDs are unique, the search retrieves at most one (1) record if you search by IDs.

NetSuite search objects via internal or external ID Ability to search NetSuite record by unique internal ID or external ID

Field name mismatch

Some NetSuite fields display internal API names instead of their labels in NetSuite.

For example, entity ID refers to the customer/vendor where to attach a transaction document, while internal ID refers to the NetSuite ID of any object.


You can search by most categories.

Depending on the object category you select, you can search by additional fields specific to that category.

NetSuite search action picklist Available categories to search

If you can't find the field you're looking for, check with your NetSuite admin or with us!

Last updated: 3/29/2023, 2:00:59 PM