# Okta

Okta (opens new window) is a cloud service that organizes workforce and customer identities.

It provides cloud software that helps companies manage secure user authentication into modern applications, and for developers to build identity controls into applications, website web services and devices.

# API version

The Okta connector uses Okta API v1 (opens new window).

# How to connect to Okta

The Okta connector uses an API key to authenticate with Okta.

Okta connection setup Okta connection setup

Connection field Description
Connection name Give this connection a unique name that identifies which Okta instance it is connected to.
Okta domain Your Okta domain name (for example, mycompany.okta.com (opens new window) or mytest.oktapreview.com (opens new window) ).
API Key An API key. You can generate API keys from your Okta instance > Security > API > Create token.

API token privileges

Creating API tokens require administrator privileges. Ensure that you are logged on as an administrator before proceeding. Find out more on the Okta documentation (opens new window).

# Roles and permissions required to connect

Workato recommends that the user (and the API key) that is used to connect to Workato have Organization Administrator or Super Administrator entitlements. Several triggers and actions require administrator privileges to perform.

# Chapters

The following chapters contains triggers supported on Workato:

The following chapters contains user lifecycle actions supported on the Workato:

The following contains resource discovery actions supported on the Workato:

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