# Get user groups action

This action retrieves the group memberships of a specific user.

Get user groups action Get user groups action

# Input fields

Field Description
User ID The unique ID of the target user.
Page size The maximum number of records to return in a single response. Default to 10000.
Next page token The token for continuing a previous list request on the next page. Provide the token from a previous response here.

# Output fields

The output datatree contains a list of group memberships. Each group membership contains information like the group ID and group profile properties.

Field Description
ID The unique ID for the group.
Creation time The timestamp when the group was created.
Last modification time The timestamp when the group was last modified.
Last membership updated time The timestamp when the group's membership was last updated.
Object class An array of strings. This determines the group profile.
Type This determines how a group's profile and membership are managed.
Profile Information about the group, including name and description of the group.
Links This object contains a collection of link relations for the group. It includes lifecycle operations and related resources. Learn more about Okta group link objects here (opens new window).
List size The number of groups in the list.
List index The index of this group in the list of groups.

Last updated: 3/29/2023, 2:00:59 PM