# Plangrid

PlanGrid (opens new window) is an intuitive, sheet-based mobile construction app that keeps everyone building from the current set, and building together. View and comment on plans, create punch lists, submit progress reports, and more—instantly from the field.

# API version

The PlanGrid connector uses the PlanGrid API (opens new window).

# Supported editions and versions

The PlanGrid connector works with all PlanGrid accounts.

# How to connect to PlanGrid on Workato

# PlanGrid connection

The PlanGrid connector uses OAuth 2.0 authentication to authenticate with PlanGrid.

PlanGrid connection page on Workato

  • Connection name

    Give the PlanGrid connection a unique name that identifies which PlanGrid instance it is connected to.

PlanGrid connection page on Workato

  • Email

    Email of PlanGrid account.

  • Password

    Password of PlanGrid account.

# Roles and permissions required to connect

The PlanGrid connection will have the same permissions as the PlanGrid account used to create the connection. This means that they will have the same capabilities per their respective permissions on a PlanGrid project

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