# Replicon

Replicon (opens new window) is a suite of software for time-tracking, advanced project management, task collaboration, resource allocation, and professional services automation.

# How to connect to Replicon on Workato

The Replicon connector supports both basic authentication and token-based authentication to authenticate with Replicon.

Replicon connection setup Replicon connection setup

These are the parameters of the Replicon connection:

Connection name
Give this Replicon connection a unique name that identifies the Replicon instance of the connection.
Specify where the Replicon connection resides in your Projects folder directory.
The name of the company to which the Replicon instance is registered.
User-token authentication?
If Yes, authentication is based on the User token. If No, authentication is based on the Username and Password.
User token
If you selected user token authentication, provide the user token generated from the Authentication Service.
Login name
Login name to connect to Replicon.
Password to connect to Replicon.
Name of the Replicon instance subdomain. Defaults to global if connecting to production instances.

# How to generate user tokens on Replicon

# Using Replicon Security API reference page

  1. Navigate to Replicon's Security API reference in Replicon API Documentation (opens new window). If prompted, log into your account.
  2. On the Security API reference page, look for the AuthenticationService1.svc/CreateAccessToken2 and click Try it now.
  3. Replace the JSON payload with the following code, and edit the fields as needed. You can remove the lifetime field, which creates a permanent token.
      "identity": {
        "loginName": "user_name"
      "lifetime": {
        "days": 0,
        "hours": 0,
        "minutes": 0,
        "seconds": 30,
        "milliseconds": 0
      "description": "test",
      "unitOfWorkId": "12345"
  4. Click Execute.
  5. Ensure that the Response Code is 200, and that a token generates inside the JSON response body.
  6. Copy the generated token and place it inside the Workato connection setup.

# Triggers and actions

To learn more about Replicon triggers, see the following articles:

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