# Amazon S3 action - List files in bucket

This action lists all files in a bucket in Amazon S3.

Amazon S3 - List file action Amazon S3 - List file action

# Input fields

Field name Description
Region The region of the bucket to list files from, for example, us-west-2. In Amazon S3, go to Bucket > Properties > Static website hosting to find your region in the Endpoint URL.
Bucket name The bucket to list files from. Select a bucket from the picklist or enter the bucket name directly.
Folder path The folder to list files from. Enter the bucket name directly, this is case sensitive.
Include sub-folders Select Yes to list files inside sub-folders as well.

# Output fields

Field name Description
Files Object name Full name of the file. Note that this is not file path.
Last modified Last modified timestamp of the file.
E tag The hash of the file object, generated by Amazon S3.
Size The file size in bytes.
Storage class Storage class of this file object. Usually S3 Standard.
List size Number of files in this list.

Last updated: 7/2/2021, 7:31:20 AM