# New PushTopic Event in Salesforce

This trigger listens for PushTopic events from Salesforce Streaming API (opens new window).

Salesforce PushTopics events have TTL of up to 24 hours. When you start the recipe, it will pick up events from the last 24 hours, provided the PushTopic has been active for that duration.

# How to setup PushTopic events

The content and structure of each PushTopic object is configurable in Salesforce. Learn how to create PushTopics in Salesforce (opens new window)

Workato recommends creating focused PushTopics to minimize the number of trigger events and avoid running jobs on unnecessary trigger events.

# PushTopic output fields

Prerequisite. Set up PushTopic in Salesforce

A PushTopic object must first be configured in Salesforce. Ensure that you have setup PushTopic objects in Salesforce

Workato fetches the output schema as defined in the PushTopic automatically. If there is a need to change the output schema, you can do define a new schema by using the SOQL query or manually specifying the fields.

PushTopic trigger setup The recipe will now receive data as specified in the schema

Last updated: 7/12/2022, 10:15:24 AM