# SendGrid

SendGrid (opens new window) enables you to deliver emails for your business. You can use SendGrid to send marketing emails, automated messages, and transactional emails, ensuring high deliverability and effective customer engagement.

# API version

SendGrid's connector uses the Web API v3 for integration with Workato. For more information, see SendGrid's API documentation (opens new window).

# Connection setup

Follow these steps to set up a SendGrid connection in Workato:


Enter a unique Connection name to identify your SendGrid account in Workato.

SendGrid connection setup Name your connection


Navigate to Settings > API Keys > Create API key in your SendGrid account to generate an API key. Enter this API key in the Workato connection setup.


Review all information you entered to ensure it is correct, including the connection name and API key.


Click Connect to establish a connection between Workato and your SendGrid account. This action redirects you to SendGrid for login and confirmation.

Last updated: 4/10/2024, 5:14:12 PM