# SendGrid - Send email action

The Send email action allows you to send an email in SendGrid.

Send email action SendGrid - Send email action

# Input

Input field Description
Personalizations List recipients and assign specific data for each email.
From Enter the sender's email address and name.
Reply to Provide a reply-to email address and name.
Subject Write the email's subject line.
Content Include the email's body content, specifying both the type and value.
Attachments Attach files to the email, detailing the content, type, filename, disposition, and content ID.
Template ID Use a specific SendGrid email template by adding its ID.
Sections Replace text in the email sections with new text.
Headers Add custom headers to the email.
Categories Categorize your email for organization.
Custom arguments Insert custom arguments for additional email metadata.
Send at Schedule when to send the email.
Batch ID Use a batch ID to group multiple sends.
Asm Configure advanced suppression manager settings, including group IDs.
IP pool name Select the IP pool for email sending.
Mail settings Modify mail settings such as the bcc, footer, and spam check.
Tracking settings Set up click tracking, open tracking, subscription tracking, and Google analytics.

# Output

This action does not have output fields.

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