# Wrike

Wrike (opens new window) is an online project management software that enables collaboration between co-located and distributed teams.

# API version

The Wrike connector uses Wrike REST API v4 (opens new window).

# How to connect to Wrike on Workato

The Wrike connectors uses OAuth 2.0 authentication. This allows you to:

  • Define the scopes for the connector
  • Authenticate with Wrike

Wrike connection Wrike connection

# Scopes for Wrike connector

Entailed in the permissions are scopes that define how the connectors is allowed to interact with Wrike data. For example, the create task action requires the following scopes: Default, wsReadWrite.

You can edit the scope of the connectors by selecting Advanced settings > Api scope.

Wrike connector API scope Wrike connector API scope

Field Description
Api scope Select permissions to request for this connection. To enable the full suite of Workato triggers and action, you can select all to request for all scopes. If left blank, the connector will only request: Default.
### Authenticate with Wrike

To log in with your user credentials, select Link your account.

A popup will appear that requests for your Wrike login credentials. Input your Username / Password into the fields provided.

Username/password connection Username/Password connection

Field Description
Email The email of the Wrike account to connect.
Password The password of the Wrike account to connect.

Last updated: 7/2/2021, 8:43:36 AM