# Zuora - Create record action

# Create record action

This action creates a single record in Zuora. First, select the object type in Zuora after which Workato will generate the appropriate input fields related to the object in Zuora.

Create record action Input fields are dynamically generated based on the object selected.

# Input fields

Field Description
Object Select the object type in Zuora you hope to create.
Object-level input fields All relevant object input fields. Required input fields will be highlighted.

# Output fields

Field Description
Success Evaluates to "true" if the action was successful.
ID The internal ID of the object created if successful.
Errors Array of errors in the case that the action was unsuccessful.

# Downstream actions

When creating a record in Zuora, the attributes of this object are not returned immediately. To work with the attributes of this newly created record, use the "search records" action and search using the ID returned in this step.

Last updated: 12/17/2019, 6:24:39 AM