# Zuora - Query record action

# Query record action

This action queries records in Zuora using Zuora Object Query Language (opens new window). The Zuora Object Query Language (ZOQL) is a simple SQL-like query language used to construct query calls in the SOAP API.

Basic knowledge and experience with SQL is required to work with ZOQL

Query record action Query records

# Input fields

Field Description
Object Select the object type in Zuora you hope to query for.
ZOQL Query A valid ZOQL query - select field_names from object where filter_statements
Batch size The size of the query result to be returned. Maximum is 2000.

# Output fields

Field Description
Array of records An array of records where the attributes returned for each record change dynamically based on the object you have selected.

# ZOQL details

  • No Complex Queries​ Zuora does not support complex queries and joining for query().

  • No Aggregate Functions Nested aggregate functions are not supported for query().

  • No Wild Card Support You cannot use the asterisk wild card (*) for field names with a query() call. You must explicitly specify a field name.

  • No Order By Support ZOQL does not support sorting results in ascending or descending order.

  • Conditions Allowed A maximum of 200 conditions are allowed in a WHERE clause of a query() call. For example, you can have up to 200 distinct AND or OR clauses.

For more details check out the ZOQL documentation here (opens new window)

Last updated: 7/2/2021, 7:31:20 AM