# How-to guides - File Streaming

Utilizing Workato's file streaming library, you'll be able to build connectors that can transfer gigabytes of data between a source and destination. This is done by downloading a smaller chunk of the larger file, uploading that to the destination and looping over this process multiple times.

File streaming

Many of Workato's standard platform connectors to common file storage locations have streaming enabled such as S3, Google Cloud Storage and Azure Blob. Find the full list here.

# Prerequisites

# Guides

The guides below details out the various ways to build file streaming actions depending on the API's capabilities:

  1. Download file via file streaming (Range headers)
  2. Upload file via file streaming (Content-Range headers)
  3. Upload file via file streaming (Chunk ID)

# What happens if your API does not meet the prerequisites?

If the API you work with does not allow for chunked uploads or downloads, you can still download and upload files in-memory but subject to limitations of both time and size. This is not recommended unless absolutely necessary.

Last updated: 1/12/2024, 3:49:35 PM