# SDK Reference - custom_action

This section enumerates all the possible keys to define a custom action.

Quick Overview

The custom_action key allows you to quickly define custom actions to unblock users of your connector when no standard action is available to them. Keep in mind that these actions require users to understand certain API concepts like how to find the relevant API endpoints and payload schema.

# Structure

    custom_action: Boolean,
    custom_action_help: {
      learn_more_url: String,

      learn_more_text: String,

      body: String

# custom_action

Attribute Description
Key custom_action
Type Boolean
Required Optional. Defaults to false where no custom action is added to your connector. Set to true to add custom actions as an option for your users.
Description This adds a custom action to your connector.
Expected Output Boolean
i.e. true
UI reference

# custom_action_help

Attribute Description
Key custom_action_help
Type Hash
Required Optional. If custom_action is true, then this hash allows you to customize the help text in your action.
Description Allows you to configure the help body, help button url and label.
Expected Output Hash See below for more information
UI reference


Custom action help is important to guide users to the proper websites to collect information such as API documentation.

# learn_more_url

Attribute Description
Key learn_more_url
Type String
Required Optional.
Description Defines the URL to send users when they click on the help link in the custom action.
Expected Output 'www.api-reference.com'

# learn_more_text

Attribute Description
Key learn_more_text
Type String
Required Optional.
Description The label for the hyperlink text in the help.
Expected Output 'API documentation'

# body

Attribute Description
Key body
Type String
Required Optional.
Description The main help text body that appears above the learn more button. This body is HTML compatible.
Expected Output '<p>Build your own Chargebee action with a HTTP request. <b>The request will be authorized with your Chargebee Hana connection.</b></p>

Last updated: 4/5/2023, 11:28:53 AM