# SDK Reference - methods

Reusable methods are supported in Workato. Reusable methods help keep your custom adapter code DRY and may be used in any lambda function in your connector.

Quick Overview

Reusable methods are the same as custom functions that can be called in any portion of the code. Use them to keep your code concise and maintainable.

# Structure

    methods: {

      [Unique_method_name]: lambda do |[unique_argument_name]|
        Array, Hash, String, Int, Boolean

      [Another_unique_method_name]: lambda do |[unique_argument_name], [another_unique_argument_name]|
        Array, Hash, String, Int, Boolean

Attribute Description
Key [Unique_method_name]
Type lambda function
Required True
Description This lambda function can be invoked anywhere in the connector code such as actions, triggers, object_definitions, or even other methods. This is done by the using the special syntax call('unique_method_name', input)
Possible Arguments Arguments can be defined by you. There can be any number of arguments. Splat operators are not allowed.
Expected Output Variable
Example - methods: - Using a reusable method

Use the call() method to reference a method. This method takes in two parameters:

  1. The method name - You can use either "method_name" (string) or :method_name (symbol) representations.
  2. Input fields - This is mapped to the arguments defined in the method definition.

Here we have the definition of a recursive method which returns the factorial of a number.

    methods: {
      factorial: lambda do |input|
        number = input['number']
        if number > 1
          number * call('factorial', { number: number - 1 })
    actions: {
      factorial: {
        input_fields: lambda do
            { name: "number", type: :integer }

        execute: lambda do |connection, input|
          { factorial: call(:factorial, { number: input['number'] }) }

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