# Collection by Workato FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked Collection by Workato questions.

What is Collection by Workato and why should I use it?

Collection by Workato is a native application that allows you to manipulate table data. You should use this app to synchronize related data across multiple systems, such as databases and web services. Collection by Workato lets you run SQL statements with data from various sources and create temporary tables for data processing.

How does Collection handle data transformation?

Collection handles data transformation seamlessly as it is built on SQL lite and functions like a database. You can create lists and query them using standard SQL syntax, including keywords like WHERE, GROUP BY, and JOIN. After you transform data, you can load it directly into your target system or export it as a CSV file.

Does Collection work with large datasets?

Yes. Collection excels at handling large datasets. You can batch your tables and run them in parallel for optimal speed. Collection can handle datasets with 100,000 records without storage capacity concerns.

Is a connection setup required to use Collection by Workato?

No. Collection does not require a connection setup. You can start using Collection by selecting App > Collection by Workato from the recipe editor.

What are the available actions in Collection by Workato?

Collection offers several actions, including:

  • Create list in SQL Collection action
  • Insert rows in SQL Collection action
  • Create list in SQL Collection from CSV
  • Insert rows in SQL Collection from CSV file
  • Query list in SQL Collection
How does the Create list in SQL Collection action work?

This action creates a SQL Collection list in the recipe from a list input. The Collection list contains column headers based on the list's schema. You can specify primary and secondary indexes for the list.

What should I do if I encounter a COLLECTION DATE ERROR when using SQL Collection for dates?

You may receive an invalid format error for the Date field. To correct this error, you must use Mapper by Workato to update the date format or skip date fields if they are not required.

How does the Query list in SQL Collection action work?

This action allows you to perform standard SQL queries on your lists. You can write your SQL query, define the schema, and choose whether to convert the results to a CSV string.

What should I keep in mind when using SQL keywords in the Query list in SQL Collection action?

Some SQL keywords, like DELETE, do not return list outputs. This means that datapills from these actions should not be used to export your list.

Last updated: 3/20/2024, 7:37:41 PM