# Collaborator roles and Environments

You can assign specific permissions to each collaborator and customize roles for each environment as needed after you provision Environments for a customer. A collaborator's permission level determines which elements are visible to them. There are two permissions most relevant for Environments, both of which can be independent:

  • Access to an environment
  • Deployment permissions within an environment

For example, a collaborator could have access to an environment without having the ability to deploy a project. The following image displays the UI for a collaborator with deployment permission for the Development and Production environments, but no deployment permission for the Test environment.

No deploy permissionDeployment permission in two environments

# Deployments tab

The Deployments tab is only visible to collaborators that have access to two or more environments with deployment permission in at least two environments they have access to.

No deployments tabDeployments tab not visible

Deployments tabDeployments tab visible

# Add deployment permission to a collaborator role

Complete the following steps to grant deployment permission to a collaborator role:


Log in to your Workato account and select the workspace in which you plan to grant deployment permission to a collaborator.


Click Workspace admin > Collaborator roles.

Collaborator rolesClick Workspace admin > Collaborator roles


Select an existing role or click the Add collaborator role button to create a new role.


Select Recipe development, scroll down to the Deployment section, and then select the Deployment checkbox.

Deployment checkboxSelect the Deployment checkbox


Click Save changes when you are done editing or creating the collaborator role.

Last updated: 3/18/2024, 4:26:31 AM