# Password Encryption

To avoid exposure of any sensitive data (like passwords or private keys) in your configuration file (config.yml), it is recommended to secure your passwords. You can encrypt them using the OPA encryptor tool or use an external secrets manager.

# How to use the encryptor tool

You will have to be in your On-prem agent's installed folder to use the encryptor.


Make sure you have your agent keys properly downloaded and placed into the conf folder. They are required for encryption.


Run the encryptor tool in your command line.

  • For Windows: <INSTALL_HOME>\bin\encryptor.cmd
  • For Linux and Mac: <INSTALL_HOME>/bin/encryptor.sh

When prompted, enter your secret value twice.


The script will print an encrypted text. Example:

{encrypted: 'RCVtuGPjJWNqwkFQvhT...'}

Copy and paste the provided text as a value into config.yml. Make sure your value is in a single line. For example, in a database profile:

    url: jdbc:postgresql://sales.database:5432/sales
    username: joe
    password: {encrypted: 'RCVtuGPjJWNqwkFQvhT...'}

Unique encrypted key for each agent

The encryption is based on your agent's private key. You cannot use encrypted value from one agent inside another agent's configuration. Note that only YAML values can be encrypted (you cannot encrypt YAML property keys).

Last updated: 7/6/2021, 4:27:21 AM