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Our engineers are hard at work daily to make Workato better! View the latest updates to our platform here.

July 19 - Aug 3 2018

Find more details on July's updates in our blog post.

Platform enhancements

  • Recipe lifecycle management: Added support for message templates

Connector enhancements

  • Shopify: Inventory API changes. These changes will result in your recipes breaking if you are using Shopify connector actions. Please view this document for more information.
  • New connector: JDBC (in beta)
  • Workbot for Slack: Post Message & Post Command Reply actions — added support for multiple attachments.
  • Eventbrite: Now supports Eventbrite Music
  • Salesforce: New get document by ID action
  • Workday: Enhancements to fields with attributes and repeated fields. View this documentation to learn more.

July 06 - July 18 2018

Platform enhancements

  • Recipe lifecycle management: Added support for shared schema import/export
  • New recipe editor toolbar: The new toolbar allows you to easily access the save and start buttons on screen when building and editing your recipes
  • Files by Workato: New Transform image file action, allows the conversion of image files to .jpg and .png files and image resizing

Connector enhancements

HTTP connector

June 22 - July 05 2018

Find more details on June's updates in our blog post.

Platform enhancements

  • Static and dynamic list input modes
  • Recipe lifecycle management: Imported connections will appear in the same connection folder
  • Transliterate formula added: Replaces non-ASCII characters with an ASCII approximation, e.g. "Chloé".transliterate becomes "Chloe"

Connector enhancements

  • New HTTP wizard to guide user in building an HTTP action


  • ItemGroup standard object now available in Search action and trigger


  • Added support for special characters

June 08 - June 21 2018

Platform enhancements

  • New recipe creation wizard

Connector enhancements


Added Propel as a new connector.


  • Object created
  • Daily object review
  • Object created/updated


  • Custom action
  • Create object
  • Get related objects
  • Search objects
  • Update object


  • Added the ability to search custom records by custom fields
  • Added support for message object in New Classification trigger


  • New action: Decrypt file with PGP


  • New events action has been enhanced to allow "others" option in the Event type dropdown. This allows users to enter a specific Event name.


  • The call operation action now includes 'get integration systems' as an operation.

June 01 - June 07 2018

Connector enhancements


  • New Action: Delete Record


  • Deprecated Actions: Get incident details by ID, Get user details by ID, Assign user to incident. Please use the new actions: Search records or Update records if you need these actions.


  • Attributes array has been added to the output for lead batch activity trigger


  • New Action: Get Eligible Project leaders from Replicon

May 2018

Find more details on May's updates in our blog post.

Usability enhancements

  • Data field auto-suggestions
  • Export lookup table with data in Recipe Lifecycle Management

Workbot upgrades

Improvements to on-prem agents & gateways

  • Significant improvements to increase throughput
  • Upgrade to file tolerance protocol used in the gateway
  • Ability to delete agent
  • NTLM authentication
  • Configurable HTTP concurrency
  • Database updates (Database Matrix)

Connector enhancements


  • Handle blank columns in reports
  • Increase threshold for summarised report output
  • Minor output schema fix



  • Added documentation for SQL Server, Oracle, Redshift, PostgreSQL and MySQL.
  • SQL Server sample output fix
  • Standardized empty and null values
  • Fixes for CLOB and NCLOB
  • Custom SQL select action
  • Stored procedure support

Platform enhancements

GDPR compliance


Job details logging

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