# IP allowlists FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked IP allowlist questions.

Why should I add Workato's IP addresses to my allowlist?

Adding Workato's IP addresses to your allowlist enhances connection security by helping prevent traffic hijacking to and from Workato by malicious websites.

How can I configure my database to allowlist Workato's IP addresses?

You can use SQL commands to allowlist Workato's IP addresses in your database. Run the following SQL command on your database to allowlist the Workato IP addresses:

TO 'integrationuser'@'',
What should I consider when adding IP addresses to the allowlist for OPA version 2.11.0 or newer?

For OPA version 2.11.0 or newer, you should add specific FQDNs and IP addresses to the allowlist. It's important to use both the sg3 and sg4 versions for load balancing.

How do I configure firewall allowlists for on-premise gateway IP addresses?

To configure firewall allowlists for on-premise gateway IP addresses, you must enable outbound TCP connections from the OPA to port 443.

What should I do if my organization restricts DNS resolutions for the OPA?

Ensure that the machine where OPA runs can resolve the IP addresses of the on-premise gateway's FQDNs if your organization restricts DNS resolutions.

Which IP addresses should I add to the allowlist when using custom domains for API recipes in Workato?

The IP addresses for custom domains vary by data center. Refer to the following list to determine which IP address to use.

US Data Center,,
EU Data Center,,
JP Data Center,,
SG Data Center,,
AU Data Center,,
What IP addresses are used for browser-based user interaction and webhooks to Workato?

The IP addresses for browser-based user interaction and webhooks depend on the data center where your account is located.

Where can I find the API endpoint IP addresses for Workato?

The API endpoint IP address differs depending on the location of your data center.

Last updated: 3/20/2024, 7:37:41 PM