# Test cases overview

Test cases are available at the recipe level. To view the list of test cases, choose a recipe and navigate to the Test cases interface. This interface displays a table containing all test cases created for this recipe.

# What is a test case?

A test case is a set of mock data and checks for specific steps of a particular recipe.

You can create multiple test cases for any recipe you plan to test.

A test case defines:

  • What steps should use mock (simulated) data and the mock data that should be used.
  • What step output data must be checked and the expected result of the check.

For each test case, you can add a unique name and provide a description of the purpose of the test case.

List of test casesList of test cases

Each test case contains the following data columns:

  • Name

  • The name of the test case. We recommend using a descriptive name that helps you identify the test.

  • Modified on

  • The date the test case was most recently modified.

  • Last run

  • The status of the most recent run.

    • Passed/Failed

    • The result of the most recent run.

    • Never active

    • The test case was never run.

  • Last run recipe version

  • The version of the recipe that was used to run the test case.

  • Last run date

  • The date of the most recent run.

  • Case summary

  • The number of checks and mocked steps.

  • Description

  • The description of the test.

Additionally, click the ... (ellipsis) to access the action menu. From here, you can perform the following actions:

  • Delete a test case
  • Clone (duplicate) a test case

Last updated: 9/20/2023, 5:12:15 PM