# Invite user

Invite a user by email to the Workflow apps portal. The user must accept the invitation before using the portal.

# Input fields

  • Name

  • The name of the user you plan to invite to the portal.

  • Email address

  • Provide the email address to send the invite to.

  • User groups

  • Add the user to one or more user groups. If left blank, the user is added to the Everyone group by default.

# Output

Output is dynamic and may vary depending on the actions and triggers in your recipe, as well as the columns present in your Workflow app's corresponding data table.

To use this data in downstream steps, map in the relevant datapill from the datatree.

This JSON object contains the following available attributes.

User ID
The ID of the user.
User name
The user's name.
User email
The user's email address.
The user's status.
A JSON object nested within the Users object.
Available attributes include:
Group ID
The ID of the group this task is assigned to.
Group name
The name of the group this task is assigned to.
List size
List index

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