# Version a connector

If you have a new version of a shared connector, you can change it very easily in Automation HQ.


You must first develop, test, and deploy a connectors, and then share it.

To share a connector in Automation HQ, follow these steps:


Navigate to Automation HQ.


Select the Shared connectors tab.


Click the Version icon of your connector.

Change version of shared connector


The Switch [Connector_Name] shared version modal appears.

Switch version of shared connector


In the modal, specify the new version of your connector.

Select a version to share
From the drop-down list, select the next version of the connector.

Confirm new version of shared connector


Click Share connector.

Done. The new version of the connector appears in the Shared connectors list.

New version of the connector, automatically shared with all workspaces

Last updated: 9/16/2022, 1:04:48 AM