# Shared connectors

When many units of the organization access the same data sources, it is imperative for administrators to manage the security of this data centrally and make access reliable, simple, and consistent with the roles assigned to individual workspace members; Workato uses Connectors to accomplish this. At the same time, admins should be able to manage necessary changes to these shared connectors, and deploy updates quickly throughout the organization instead of adjusting them for each workspace or individual account.

You can easily build, share, and maintain your custom connectors with your entire organization through Automation HQ. This ensures that all your workspaces use the latest connector versions.

The Shared connectors interface displays the shared connectors used by the organization, making it easy to monitor and update them. You can easily Share connectors with all workspaces, Search for connectors by name of the app, update the version of the connector, View source code of the connector, and Stop sharing the connector with the workspaces in the organization.

Shared connectors

Last updated: 10/4/2023, 6:53:59 PM