# API design

Workato offers a comprehensive, no-code approach to developing and publishing APIs. You can rapidly develop, test and publish APIs with Workato's intuitive low-code approach to API development. This section guides you through the core components and steps necessary for API development on Workato, covering API recipes, API collections, and API endpoints.

# API recipes

API recipe endpoints are built on top of API recipes, the foundational element for building business workflows on Workato. With API recipe endpoints, you can construct and expose complex business processes without the need for extensive DevOps and development resources. Triggers and actions form the workflow of your APIs, allowing you to define complex logic, initiate business critical processes such as data retrieval, processing, and updates. Learn more about API recipes.

# API proxy endpoints

API proxy endpoints allow you to securely expose your own APIs, leveraging Workato's modern API gateway and governance capabilities. API proxy is a lightweight service designed for handling high request volumes of upwards of 10,000 requests per second with industry-standard performance. Learn more about API endpoints.

# API collections

API collections enable you to organize and manage your APIs effectively. By grouping related APIs together, collections provide a structured approach to API provisioning and access control, allowing you to build and manage APIs at scale. You can create collections based on different logical groupings, such as functionality, teams or project requirements. Integrating your API collections with tools such as Postman further enhances your development and testing workflows, accelerating the API development process. Learn more about API collections.

# Getting started

Complete the following steps to start developing APIs on Workato:


Navigate to the API Platform section on the Workato platform.


Create an API recipe to define your API's functionality.


Group your APIs into collections for better organization.


Configure endpoints to set up access points for your APIs.


Monitor performance and optimize your APIs as needed.

By following these steps, you can leverage Workato’s powerful tools to build robust, scalable APIs without writing extensive code. Explore the detailed guides in each subsection to maximize your API development capabilities on Workato.

Last updated: 5/25/2024, 12:46:29 AM