# API Portal

The API Portal allows admins to publish API documentation, promote usage, and manage access.

Every Workato API Platform client gets a dedicated secure API Portal. Workato automatically provisions the portal when you create an API client. In this portal, clients can browse API documentation, download OpenAPI specifications for each API collection, and test the endpoints.

# Browse API collections

In the API Portal, clients can browse the list of API collections they can access. This list is dynamically updated, so newly granted API collections will appear on reload.

Browse API collections Browse API collections

# Download OpenAPI specifications

Clicking on an API collection displays the list of endpoints in this collection. On this page, clients can download the OpenAPI specification document. This machine-readable document is auto-generated and meant for use with external applications.

Download OpenAPI specification Download OpenAPI specification

# Test endpoints

Clients can provide a valid access token and test each endpoint directly in the portal. The test page contains an input field for each parameter specified for this endpoint.

Test APIs Test APIs

Last updated: 6/28/2023, 9:42:25 PM