# Active Directory - Search entries action

# Search entries

This action searches for entries that match your criteria in your Active Directory.

Search entries action Search entries action

# Input fields

Input field Description
Sample entry DN Used to introspect the attributes in your entry object. Give a distinguished name of an existing entry. Attributes of this object will be available in the output fields of this trigger.
Search entries by Provide values for each attribute you wish to filter. Only entries that match all the values will be processed.
Entry search filter Use this to filter the entries to be processed by this trigger. This is similar to Search by. However, this allows you to use LDAP syntax to perform more complex conditionals. Use this input if you need to filter using compound conditionals or nested conditionals.

For example, use &(ou=Dev)(objectClass=Person) to pick up only Person entries from the Dev organization unit.

# Output fields

The output of this trigger is a list of entries. The attributes of each entry is based on the Sample entry DN provided in the trigger input.

Entries output fields Entries output fields

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