# AI by Workato - Draft email action


AI by Workato is available for all users across all Workato data centers. All data is sent to OpenAI's servers in the US. You can opt-in to this feature by agreeing to our AI feature addendum (opens new window). Contact your Customer Success representative to learn more.

The draft email action allows you to create personalized emails using a visual interface without writing code. This action automates your communication workflows by simplifying the process of composing and sending customized emails to individuals or groups.

You can use this action in marketing and sales workflows to draft personalized emails. It can help with lead nurturing with different types of emails depending on the sales funnel stage, with the added user-specific context of past emails or other data. This action is also useful for marketing campaigns and event reminders that require minimal but necessary customization across various campaigns or events.

# Input

Input field Description
Email description Enter a description of the email you plan AI by Workato to draft.

# Output

Output Description
Subject The subject of the email.
Body The body (main content) of the email.
Remaining calls The number of remaining calls Workato can execute out of the overall daily limit (100 calls).
Consumed calls The number of actions completed out of the overall daily limit (100 calls).
Reset time The time the daily limit resets.

Last updated: 6/12/2024, 9:38:28 PM

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