# AI by Workato - Translate text action


AI by Workato is available for all users across all Workato data centers. All data is sent to OpenAI's servers in the US. You can opt-in to this feature by agreeing to our AI feature addendum (opens new window). Contact your Customer Success representative to learn more.

The translate text action empowers you to automatically translate text from one language to another, enabling efficient communication across language barriers. With this action, you can automate the translation process and easily incorporate multilingual capabilities into your workflows.

Users can easily translate support tickets or inquiries from different languages into a common language, and generate localized content for websites and documents. It can also help with changing marketing assets across languages with ease.

# Input

Input field Description
Output language Select or type in the language to which you plan to translate your text.
Source language Select or type in the language of your source text.
Source text Provide the text you plan to translate. Limit your source text to 2000 tokens.

# Output

Output Description
Translated text The translated text. This should be in the specified output language.
Remaining calls The number of remaining calls Workato can execute out of the overall daily limit (100 calls).
Consumed calls The number of actions completed out of the overall daily limit (100 calls).
Reset time The time the daily limit resets.

Last updated: 6/12/2024, 9:38:28 PM

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