# Asana connector - New or updated tasks trigger

This trigger activates when a task is created or updated in Asana. This trigger requires a premium Asana account.

# Input

Field Description
Trigger poll interval Select how frequently to check for new events.
When first started, this recipe should pick up events from When left blank, the trigger begins picking up tasks created or updated 1 hour ago. This value cannot be changed after you run or test the recipe. Learn more here (opens new window).
Use a Workspace or Project ID to filter tasks. Specify the Workspace to fetch assigned tasks in a workspace. Otherwise, you can specify the Project ID to fetch all tasks created under a specific project.
Projects Choose specific projects to monitor for tasks. By default, tasks from all projects are selected. You can select up to a maximum of 5 projects.

# Output

There is no output for this trigger.

Last updated: 2/2/2024, 8:05:18 PM

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