# Bamboo HR - Create employee action

This action creates an employee record in your Bamboo HR instance.

# Input

Create employee action Create employee action

Input field Description
First name
The first name of the new employee record.
Last name
The last name fo the new employee record.
Employee input fields For a full list of employee input fields, see field names (opens new window).

# Output

Output field Description
Location The URL to the employee's location in your Bamboo HR instance. The employee ID is included in this datapill.

No employee details

This action does not return the details of the employee created. Use Get employee details action to retrieve the employee details by ID.

Learn how to retrieve the employee ID below.

# How to retrieve the ID of the newly created employee

The employee ID is included in the location datapill. In the example below, the newly created employee has the ID 40598. Use formula mode to retrieve the employee ID.

Step description
Employee URL Response from Create employee action is the location datapill.

Employee ID Switch to Formula mode, and parse the datapill with the following format.

Find employee ID

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