Docusign is a secure eSignature solution that provides electronic signature technology and digital transaction management services that enables fully digital workflows for businesses.

API version

The Docusign connector uses the V2 REST API with the base URL of https://{server}

Supported editions and versions

The Docusign connector works with all Docusign plans - Personal, Standard, Business Pro.

How to connect to Docusign on Workato

The Docusign connector uses HTTP Header authentication to authenticate to Docusign. Learn more about it here.

To connect, simply fill up the fields the given fields. Docusign Permission

  • Connection name

    Give this Docusign connection a unique name that identifies which Docusign instance it is connected to.

  • Username

    Email to connect to Docusign.

  • Password

    Password to connect to Docusign.

  • Demo

    Indication of whether the credentials belong to a demo or production account.

Roles and permissions required to connect

Docusgn users who can login to Docusign can connect to Docusign from Workato. The user will have the same permissions on Workato as in Docusign. This means that they will have the same capabilities to view, manage and send envelopes as per their respective permissions on the Docusign platform.

Working with the Docusign connector

Working with generic create/update/search actions in Docusign

When using a Create/Send Document for Signing action in Docusign, the File URL must be in a downloadable format. For example, if you're linking to a Google Drive document, you must follow and replace FILE_ID.

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