# Dropbox

Dropbox (opens new window) is a cloud content management and file sharing service. The Dropbox platform enables easy team collaboration.

Workato's Dropbox connector enables you to automation around Dropbox and connect with other applications.

# API version

The Dropbox connector uses the Dropbox REST API v2 (opens new window).

# How to connect to Box on Workato

Dropbox connection

Dropbox connection setup

The Dropbox connection provides the capability for our users to select both individual and team scopes that they want to use with the connector.

The connector by default will function with a minimal scope just to test the connection and users can add scopes to it according to the actions/triggers which they want to use in the recipe by choosing the respective scopes under advanced settings as seen above.

The Dropbox connector uses OAuth 2.0 authentication to authenticate with Dropbox. When prompted, follow the on-screen connection instructions and login to your Dropbox account to connect.

Dropbox oauth

Dropbox authentication page

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