# Gong Connector - Add call

This action will add call in Gong. To add a call, you will either need to provide a media download URL which Gong can download the file from or use the Add call media action after this to upload call media. Audio or video file in the media download URL must be a maximum of 1.5 GB.

# Input

The set of input fields is as below.

Field Description
Client unique ID A call's unique identifier in the PBX or the recording system. Gong uses this identifier to prevent repeated attempts to upload the same recording.
Actual start The date and time the call actually started.
Primary user The Gong internal user ID of the team member who hosted the call.
Parties A list of the call's participants. A party must be provided for the primaryUser.
Direction Whether the call is inbound (someone called the company), outbound (a rep dialed someone outside the company), or a conference call.
Workspace Select the workspace to add the call to.
Meeting URL The URL of the conference call by which users join the meeting.
Title The title of the call. This title is available in the Gong system for indexing and search.
Purpose The purpose of the call. This optional field is a free text of up to 255 characters.
Scheduled start The date and time the call was scheduled to begin.
Scheduled end The date and time the call was scheduled to end.
Duration The actual call duration in seconds.
Disposition The disposition of the call. The disposition is free text of up to 255 characters.
Media download URL The URL from which Gong can download the media file. The URL must be unique, the audio or video file must be a maximum of 1.5GB. You can either provide a friendly URL or add call media directly using the add call media action.
Context A list of links to external systems such as CRM, Telephony System, Case Management, etc.
Speakers timeline Describe the segments of time where individual parties were speaking.
Custom data Optional metadata associated with the call (represented as text). Gong stores this metadata and it can be used for troubleshooting.

# Output

Field Description
Call ID Unique ID of the Call added to Gong
Request ID UUID that is created to ensure the call is created only once.

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